Saint Blanc

a brand that stands for creative freedom. Founded by two friends who express their creativity in their garments, concepts and community. The brand owes its name to the idea of a blank canvas on which every creative person can express their creativity. The brand provides high quality blanks suitable for everyone. After a successful year, it is time for the friends who are also business partners to level up. Saint Blanc's goal for the coming years is to inspire and motivate their community and anyone who feels touched by their creative spirit.

"From Amsterdam with love",

a phrase that came up often in fashion brand Saint Blanc's previous collection. The city has always been a major inspiration for the two young entrepreneurs. Having spent years doing business and creating community in the nightlife scene by connecting thousands of people through their events, they aim to continue connecting people with their fashion brand. Connecting, as a community, is their passion. The inspiring, boundless nightlife and the constantly growing Dutch fashion industry that the capital of the Netherlands has to offer. These two worlds, very different yet very similar, have one thing in common: community. Saint Blanc, synonymous with the white canvas where creatives can express themselves, also means that it is accessible to everyone. Wherever you come from, whatever industry your passion may be in: on a white canvas, anyone can create something. Just like the Essential collection of the brand: accessible for everyone and wearable in any way imaginable. From Amsterdam with love.